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Framing For Films

Fort Point Framers provides framing services for films made in and around Boston. We work with art directors, set dressers and buyers to come up with creative framing solutions for set decoration. We also help connect directors with local artists whose work is displayed on movie sets. Fort Point Framers designed and manufactured sleazy art for Jack Nicholson’s gangster apartment in The Departed. We also provided rustic frames for Adam Sandler’s country cottage in Grown Ups.

Our workshop is located on premises, enabling us to manufacture frames and output large format digital prints on short notice.

 Film representatives should contact Larry Plitt directly.



We enjoyed framing two very large nude photos that can been seen in Kevin Spacey's luxurious Hard Rock Cafe penthouse.


Bride Wars

One of our especially ornate gold frames is the centerpiece behind Candice Bergen in our favorite scene from this movie!


Edge of Darkness

We printed and framed the historic photos that line the walls of the Police Station in this Boston set film.  These authentic photos of Boston policemen with notable figures such as President John F. Kennedy were especially gratifying to work on.


Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

For Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, we constructed large ornate frames to surround the many flat panel TVs in Matthew McConaughey's swanky bachelor pad. We also framed an imposing portrait of Michael Douglas for over his Beacon Hill fireplace.


Gone Baby Gone

We provided framing for many of the sets in Gone Baby Gone. We also had the pleasure of framing the original set design drawings which were given as a gift from Ben Affleck to Casey Affleck.



Grown Ups

We had a great time working on Grown Ups!  We really enjoyed utilizing a lot of folksy looking frames for Adam Sandlers country cottage and helping the film's art directors find the perfect local modern art to furnish Chris Rock's apartment.


Knight and Day

You'll notice the the walls of Cameron Diaz's bedroom are adorned with old photos of muscle cars that we framed.

The expressway chase scenes were filmed in our neighborhood. How they managed to do 90 on these generally clogged and sluggish roads is beyond us. Go CGI!


The Pink Panther 2

For this film we provided ornate frames for the Pope's bedroom; fingers crossed we get brownie points in heaven!


The Departed

Much of The Departed was filmed in our neighborhood. Lunchtime crowds would gather to sneak a peek at Jack or Matt or Leonardo. We framed the erotic art that is seen in Jack Nicholson's tastelessly decorated gangster pad.



We framed a pair of "John Lennon" glasses and a letter from John in a shadowbox for Mark Walberg's apartment but, the most exciting thing we framed was Seth MacFarlane's megaphone which was autographed by the cast and given to him as a gift at the end of shooting. Mila Kunis has nice handwriting!

ripd poster


Although much of this action-packed thriller takes place outside, we had the pleasure of framing many pieces of the pieces that are seen inside.

Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips

We helped the set decorator find the perfect frames for Tom Hanks' New England home; understated and elegant. 

american hustle

American Hustle

We framed many of the art forgeries seen throughout the movie. 

the finest hours poster

The Finest Hours

We were proud to work on this fim about the valour of the Chatam Massachusetts Coast Guard crew as they attempt a daring rescue at sea. We supplied framing for the Coast Guard station sets.



Who ya gonna call when you need frames. US!!!
We framed gigantic ghastly portraits for the haunted house scene. 

Patriots Day

Patriots Day

We were proud to work on this film about a very dark hour in our city's history.